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One Resource Consulting LLC ​is a boutique consulting firm that ​provides HR services and training for small to mid-sized businesses, specializing in legal compliance and employee relations.
why hire a consultant...
  1. You need more HR support, but not enough for a full-time in-house HR position

  2. Your employee handbook hasn't been updated in 2 or more years

  3. You want to improve employee satisfaction and retention

  4. You're worried about the risk of getting sued

  5. Your in-house HR representative is busy doing other work for the company and doesn't have the time, expertise or resources to stay on top of compliance

why hr matters...
Each employee is a Human Resource, and quite possibly your most valuable business asset.  Depending on how you manage them, your employees can help your company sink or swim.
Different personalities have different ways of doing things, and this can lead to workplace drama!  Each decision you make while managing your team can have potentially positive or negative outcomes.  
Without a proper understanding of HR compliance and best practices, you can end up with an HR nightmare!  We'll ensure you have the tools and support needed to properly navigate each unique circumstance as it arises.
In addition to minimizing the risk of costly litigation, happy employees are productive employees, and should be seen as your most important business investment!
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