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clients like you

Over the years, we've consulted with hundreds of businesses of various sizes and across all industries.  So if you're wondering if your company would be a good fit, most likely yes! 
If you have 5 or more employees and your HR person is actually the office manager, accountant, a family member, or you... it may be time to consider some additional support to ensure your business is in compliance and allow your team to focus on their true strengths. 

“Darcy has been an incredible resource and teacher in building our Human Resources processes and documentation. I would highly recommend working with her whether you need efficient help setting up shop, or support in staying up to date and compliant. She is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly to work with. Her experience working with food businesses and nonprofits is a big plus for anyone in those industries. With Darcy, you'll have a strong advocate helping you make the right choices for your employees and clients."


Jamie Stark, Co-Founder of Farming Hope

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